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World's First Ayurveda Yellow Pages

World's First Ayurveda Yellow Pages

Ayurveda, a well recognized system of medicine has unique techniques for harmonious living. These acknowledged techniques underwent revision and advancements in the flow of time. Out of such advancements in medical science, Panchakarma therapies are the foremost and Kerala has made its own platform due to the immense contribution made by the Ashtavaidyas and other traditional practitioners. Kerala’s then political system also were very keen in preserving this valuable science. By them, parallel to the main stream “Keraleeya Panchakarma”, a modified form of therapies evolved which was well revised by various doyens. Now those exclusive therapies are opening to all for the expansion of the science.

Pinna Group launch World’s First Ayurveda Yellow Pages(

The new website allows users the freedom to find easily better ayurveda services in india at their own pace and in their own time to improve their yoga skills and get a ayurveda qualification.

Target Market:
Opportunities for ayurveda Business is targeted at yellow pages markets. For example a costomer in Washington DC, USA may be able to seek ayurveda capability in kerala, India or a Indian ayurveda company may seek consumer capability from a USA.

Areas of Focus:
Opportunities for Ayurveda Business currently focuses on following specific areas including

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Aim: All indian ayurveda companies details under where consumers finds easily with comparative details.


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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ayurveda India

Niramaya Ayurveda and Yoga Kendra provide training programs, giving more orientation to Keraleeya Panchakarma to Ayurveda practitioners, health care workers and those who are interested to know this science.

    We conduct:

  • 7 days Ayurveda awareness course at our New Delhi center.

  • 15 days intensive Ayurveda training course at our New Delhi and Ranchi, Jharkhand centers.

  • 1 month Ayurveda Training course at our Ranchi, Jharkhand center.

    Yoga Training (At New Delhi center)

  • 7 days beginner’s course

  • 14 days know your spirit course (more orientation to the spirituality)

  • Regular yoga classes (asanas and concentration of mind – for body and mind equilibrium)

Ayurveda Treatment

Our centers at Delhi and Ranchi are under the supervision of expert Ayurveda physicians and experienced traditional physicians to administer the Panchakarma treatments effectively to the patients. We do have the tie-up with the renowned Ashta Vaidya Tradition Nursing Home at Thrissur, Kerala to provide extreme care to our clients/patients in case in-house admissions and continuous attention is needed.
We provide 7 days, 14 days and 21 days treatment packages for Stress Management, Detoxification and Rejuvenation.

Kalari Marma Chikitsa (Traditional classical treatment based on vital points of the body)

This is one of the most ancient treatment system based on the vital points of the body and it evolved along with the development of martial arts which was essential to keep the country’s freedom at that time and all the times where more injuries and casualties were happened. The masters of the Kalari (the combat training school) were good physicians too. They developed a scientific and systematic treatment stream and preserved it through their disciples. As any injury to marma is very dangerous, the Kalari Physicians transferred this knowledge very confidentially and still continues the system.

  • Raksha Thirummu – Massage with hands and feet for treating different ailments along with internal medications.

  • Kachcha Thirummu – Massage with feet for vigor, vitality, strength and flexibility. For martial artists, sports persons, dancers, etc.

  • Sukha Thirummu – Massage for relaxation and rejuvenation for normal persons without diseases.

We do have the life membership in Sports Medicines Association of India for managing sports injuries.

Kalari Training (At Delhi center)

One of our sister concerns "Nithya Chaitanya Kalari" , a Government approved training centre for the promotion of the renowned Kerala martial arts – Kalarippayattu, is providing regular Kalarippayattu training classes. Our team has received many invitations from abroad for the stage performances and demonstrated the skills in the presence of very important persons. The team visited Israel, Tashkent and USA with different stage performances.

We had many students from abroad who were masters in other martial art forms and ballet & dance performers. Stage shows and choreography also is another area of our concern. Our masters are experienced in giving stunt directions to movies and album projects.

Nithya Chaitanya Kalari is empanelled by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). The National & International TV Channels like DD Bharati, Jain TV, BBC, etc. documented our training centre.

Ayurveda Equipments

We are providing state of the art Ayurveda equipments in medicinal wood and fiber to different Treatment centers and SPA units. Our range of customers includes Five Star SPAS in Delhi and abroad.

Ayurveda Medicine supply

We promote the supply of more than 400 classical Ayurveda formulations from the renowned Ashtavaidya Tradition family from Thrissur, Kerala. We do export Ayurveda medicines and Herbals to different countries in the world. Our export consultant is competent enough to register the medicines, complete export formalities and send the medicines to our customers abroad.

Ayurveda Franchise

We do provide franchise services in Three Star and Five Star hotels to run Ayurveda SPA. Now we could become major supporters to provide Ayurveda services in Hotels in Utharanchal, Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan regions.

CDs & VCDs about Ayurveda, Kerala Culture and Kerala art forms.

We have got authorization from Culture Vistas (who is the official publisher of Kerala Tourism Development Corporation in making multimedia films about the Kerala art forms, Temples & culture, Ayurveda, Tourist places, etc.) for the promotion of their wide range of products nationally and internationally.


We provide consultancy to start Ayurveda SPAS and Ayurveda treatment centers in India and Abroad. After the project we support our clients in getting trained & experienced manpower, medicines & oils, etc. continuously.

Niramaya Ayurveda & Yoga Kendra
Address:B-24, Surya Nagar, Ghaziabad, U.P.
NC Kalari Ayurveda Kendra Trust (Regd.)
Mayur Vihar Phase III

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We offer Ayurveda Consultacy,Training Programmes,Yoga,ayurvedic equipments services.Please contact us to discuss your requirements!We look forward to hearing from you.